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May 31, 2009

Im a Muslim....yes im ^_^

Im a Muslim....yes im ^_^

Islam is just not by pray,fasting,..but Islam is Addeen..a way of life.Every single things dat we do,do by Islamic way...NsyaALLAH sama-sama kita merasa Halwatul Iman...Ameen^_^
..Indahkan hidup kita dengan Islam di hati..

May 30, 2009

Ana masih di sini ^_^

Blog dat being lefted by de owner..apa punya teruk kan...heee~~ got sum tym im posted sum's la ney 30062009@1211am.....ngah buat ma fortfolio for dis sem..sem4 daa^_^..1 subject only done hee~~ lazy 0ne me itte...but i bleh siapkan sleepy laa but dunt want to sleep yet...sowi eye..hand still have things to do :D.. a lot thing i wanna write downs but....maw c siap lu ma fortfolio even just for 3% for ma creadit...heee..must do also laa kan..for mark up knun^_^
"Live well or live hell i'll choose"hlovate