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Oct 30, 2010

Bluquote and me :)

"she's addicted to the song lyrics that spill out her heart for her~" bluquote

me: hahaha~ ya hearing the song that similar to my heart feeling is the best way to spill out all the whatsoever inside kinda helping and a safe way thought to spill out:P

"just because i laugh a lot,doesn't mean my life is easy,just because i have a smile on my face every day,doesn't mean that something not bothering me.Its that just i choose to move on with the negetive in my life,and keep my head up,instead of dwelling the past" bluquote

me: head up and :)

"sometimes we guard people from truth to protect them from being hurt,but by doing that we only hurt them more in the long run" bluquote

me: hate if this happen but maybe they have their own reason by doing that but in other way their doesn't know how hurt its feel :(

"its better been HATED for what you are,then to be LOVED for what you are NOT..." bluquote

me: just be my self (",)

"if you dont go after what you want,you'll never have it
.if you dont ask,the answer is always no.if you dont step forward,you'll still in the same place" bluquote

me: it is not as easy as say,but i'll give a try to go after it,to ask to step forward.ajah2 \(",)/

Black key
It does make the music too.

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